Livos Kunos 243 wood protection 10ml, natural resins, toy protection

Silicone Quebec

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here is our new Product from Livos Well know to be 110% eco friendly and 100% safe for chewing on wood toy for babies.


lin oil, natural resin,ricin oil,wood oil,iso alphatic composant,micronised wax,silicic acid,sugar and siccative without lead

totaly safe for your loved ones.

apply some drops and rub with a clean dry rag,let dry 10-30 min and apply 2 coatlet dry for 24-48 hrs and reapply.

this product can be put on all natural wood toys,rings and even on you cutting board.helps keep germs out of wood and easier to clean with soap and water only.


***Shake wel before eah use***


for more info here is technical data:

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