Banana toothbrush for baby made of silicone

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Wait, what babies need a brush? Yes, they do and guess what, you need to keep your baby clean all the time. These baby toothbrushes are made silicone and they help to keep the oral hygiene of your baby clean.

The shape of the banana only makes brushing a fun activity. You can intro your baby to these brushes as early as 3 to 4 months. Just massage their gums with the tip, as this will help in better blood circulation too. Babies can chew on them as a teether for additional frolic.

Here is more on them:

  • These are made from high-quality silicone

  • They look super cute

  • Are resistant to odor and saliva

  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher or with soap water

  • Is freezer friendly

  • Has been approved by the FDA and Silicone Quebec

  • Is free of BPA and phthalates

  • You get multiple gateways to choose from

  • This has been priced rationally

  • Babies can use them on their own

  • mesures about 10.5x6


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